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Natural Vocal Production | Sample Lesson
Natural Vocal Production | Sample Lesson

Hello and welcome! I'm so excited my course, "Natural Vocal Production," is available now! I enjoyed creating this course and documenting my workflow to share with you. 🤓

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My entire Pro Tools session files ("before" and "after" comping/tuning/mixing/mastering)
15 of my most used Pro Tools shortcuts (mac and pc)
Josh Dell's original raw takes (stems) for you to try your own comp/tune/mix of his song "Burn" in any DAW
All my plugin settings, automation, and routing
My custom Pro Tools Track Presets used in the course for mix print routing and lead vocal FX
Song lyrics (in .rtf and .pages formats)
BONUS VIDEO: Me describing optimal mic positioning to Josh
BONUS VIDEO: Footage of Josh recording an actual full take used in the course
Melodyne software version comparison chart
Pro Tools software version comparison chart
Learn my full production process for:
Comping • Tuning • Mixing • Mastering

This course is for singers songwriters producers engineers mixers DIY artists freelance editors