Strymon BigSky

I wrote a track and put the new Strymon BigSky reverb plugin on every instrument and ...

The geniuses at Strymon have released a plugin version of their universally beloved BigSky Reverb pedal and I was very fortunate to get an advance copy to test out in my studio. Mind blown! 🤯

In this video I create a new track from scratch entirely inspired by BigSky's lush and tantalizing "tails". Enjoy!


00:00  Intro / Track Teaser
00:40  Skybox Audio Dulcitone / Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer Engines
02:58  Settings Stay With Engine
03:50  Sampling Vocals Into MAKEN0ISE Morphagene
06:12  Turning Vocal "BigSky" sample into a playable instrument using Drop Designer
07:00  Composing track with Pad and Dulcitone
08:04  Processing Drums with BigSky
08:40  Shimmer Drum Room
10:40  Chorale Drums
11:48  Processing Violin and Strings with BigSky Random and Swell Engines
12:45  Reverb Tails Assessment
13:11  Bass Synth Processing with Magneto and Non-Linear Engines
13:52  Claps and Percussion Processing with Room Engine
14:44  Track Deconstruction and Overview
16:22  Transition FX using the Non-Linear Engine
18:09  Final Track Playback and Dance Party!!

Hear the finished song!